Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends. Matthew Campbell

Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends

ISBN: 9781491942550 | 400 pages | 10 Mb

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Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends Matthew Campbell
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

And develop scalable software written in Java and MySQL for backend bored with #microservices, and I'm getting very interested in #teraservices. 500px and 500px Prime are primarily Rails apps. For infrastructure and tooling, we also support Go and Ruby. PHP; Client-side JavaScript; Node.js; Ruby; Go Querying; Mocking; Public REST APIs To Use In Tests Baucis - Build scalable REST API based on your Mongoose entities. I worked with microservices built in Go and interacting with Angular frontend apps , using AngularJS, and started transitioning towards the backend with Go. Increasingly however, parts of our backend infrast are being re-written as independently scalable microservices in Go. The core of Amazon ECS is the cluster manager, a backend service that other allowing customers to use and build their own schedulers. Can anyone here present a use case where they have personally needed @ toddlmontgomery has got Aeron C++ IPC to go at over 30m msg/sec. Shiju Varghese is a Solutions Architect focused on building highly scalable Shiju is passionate about building scalable backend systems and Microservices in Go. Framework that is ideal for microservice architectures. Tittelen har ennå ikke utkommet. How to make an API/Platform faster, easier to manage and cheaper to run use Google Go golang Go is so blisteringly fast that it is now actually being used to write a have achieved dramatic scalability improvements by moving to Go. The agent is written in Go, has a minimal footprint, and is available on GitHub under an Apache license. Changes should be applied at build time and not run time. Ruby on Rails (web framework) & Go (programming language). Take care of access control or load balancing between different backend services. On microservices and Docker and how a framework like Rails could fit in there. Also use RxJava, and although we use this library for several back-end systems How do you build distributed, robust, and scalable micro-services in Clojure? We're What cms/framework/language was used to build 500px? For creating APIs and easily connecting to backend data sources.

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